First Things To Know When You Install Linux

Hey Friends !!! After Installing any linux Distribution The First thing We should Do is to Update The Repositories And Upgrading the Existing Packages. This can be done By opening The Terminal in root mode and giving commands for update and upgrade.It can be done as Follows ::

# sudo su

# apt-get update

# apt-get upgrade

How To install A package in ubuntu or any other Debian Distributions ??

A debian package can easily be installed to a system by following normal installation procedure.

If the system is online and it’s repositories contain the package  . Open the terminal in root mode and insert following commands ::

#apt-get install package-name

If  The system is offline then Download the package file from internet and bring to the system where it has to be installed ::

The Downloaded package may be in .deb extension or a tar archive.For installation of .deb Files, just copy them to Home directory of current user and type the following ::

#ls -l              [To check if file exists]

#dpkg  -i  package_file_name.deb

For any dependency error you can correct the error by installing the dependent packages alone or if your system is online then using following command ::

#apt-get -f  install

#apt-get upgrade

++++++++++++++++++++By Ankit Pandey++++++++

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